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Close Protection - Body Guards- Bodyguards- Personal Protection

Bodyguards and Close Protection for Personal Protection may be required for many different reasons, whether it be for Company Executives, Celebrities or VIP's or for a Family outing.

Our Bodyguards and Close Protection Officers are Highly Trained, Experienced AND Professional Operatives who are very discreet and are able to protect you Worldwide 24hrs a day at any Threat Level.

We have a vast number of ex Special Forces and ex Armed Special Branch Police Officers to Protect you, should your threat level be high.

Using Only Experienced Close Protection Operatives in this field, Our Bodyguards can blend in with the people and surroundings they have been assigned to - we can discreetly provide the necessary Close Protection, so that the subject can go about his or her daily activities.

Bodyguards and Close Protection
Corporate & Executive Protection
Celebrity & VIP Protection
Movie/Television Cast & Set Security
Special Event Security
Security Driver

Protecting Yourself, Your Family, Your Key Personnel or your Clients can be a worrying problem.

Our Highly Trained Close Protection Officers are available for Close Protection Assignments Worldwide, ensuring seamless Security cover 24 hours a day.

This service can be combined with the secure chauffeuring service outlined below.

Secure Chauffeuring ("Security Driver")

Our Security Driver service, ensures that You, Your Staff or Your clients are safely delivered and/or collected from potentially hostile environments.

Our Security Driver are trained to the same high standard as our Close Protection Officers and backup cars, and specialist vehicles are available to you upon request.

We are very Discreet and Proffesional, which is what u want when you require Close Protection Services.

Bodyguards and Close Protection

Key Benefits of Close Protection

- Professional Experienced Discreet Service
- Security & Peace of Mind

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