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    Debt Collection - Debt Collectors- Debt Recovery - Debt Collecting - Private Investigations

We will perform Debt Collection, Debt Recovery, Debt Collecting from both Individuals and Companies, either overdue accounts, 'bounced cheques' or for non-payment of goods or services.

Our Debt Collection Recovery experience has shown that no two situations are alike, each client has individual requirements and each debtor reacts differently once a Debt Collection Agency or Debt Recovery is involved.

One thing remains the same in that all overdue accounts need to be acted on by a Debt Collection Agency immediately.

It is a proven fact that a Debt Collecting Agency will increase the chances of a successful collection.

It is a fact that a debt becomes increasingly more difficult to collect the longer a debt is left, It is our client who reap the rewards of our dedication to Debt Collection commitment, you can be confident that your interests are being looked after, leaving you free to spend or invest in your hard earned recovered cash.


  Consumer Debt Collection - Debt Recovery - Debt Collecting - Surveillance - Private Investigations

- We handle cases where the debtor is an Individual, Company or Sole - Proprietor.
- We have Vast experience of Debt Collecting and Debt Recovery from consumers in an efficient yet sensitive manner.
- Our success comes from the dedicated commitment of everyone in our Debt Collecting Organisation.
- We give 100% to the resolution of your Debt Collection problems.

We collect debts from Companies that have overdue invoices, dishonored cheques or judgments.

Our clients range from large Plc's to small firms and individuals and come from all business sectors.

Our specially trained Debt Collectors give an effective service aimed at improving your cash flow by reducing bad debts, while retaining your customers goodwill.

Large volumes can be handled.

Repossessions - Vehicle and Commercial goods, Inventory and Premises.

One Nation Debt Recovery will collect your debts quickly using our National Debt Collectors Database of  UK wide Agents.

Debt Collection Agencies are an excellent way of collecting bad debt.

One Nation Debt Collectors are professional in the way they request payment from your customers and will help collect your accounts quickly.

The involvement of a 'face to face' Debt Collection Agency is a proven way of collecting overdue accounts and does tend to generate payment of a bad debt more quickly for you.

  People Tracing - Surveillance - Infidelity Surveillance - Private Investigations

We will trace Individuals and let them know that the Debt to you is still outstanding and needs to be paid.

We can follow your spouse to make sure that they are being faithful to you and will collect evidence, if necessary.

We will serve any court papers on an individual who owes the debt.

We will forward to you the debtor's new address, so letters can be sent if app.

   Evidence Gathering - Surveillance - Infidelity Surveillance - Surveillance

We will undertake at the client's request discreet enquiries and Surveillance of individuals to provide evidence of for example - Insurance Fraud, a Partners Infidelity etc, we can provide photographic or video evidence if necessary at your request..

For Solicitors, Accountants and other interested parties we can offer a similar Direct Debt Collection Recovery Service.

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