Event Security

One Nation Security Services specialises in the Event Security needs of the Entertainment Industry.

Our comprehensive plan covers all capacities and eventualities ensuring smooth running of your event.

It is of vital importance that all Event Security Staff give a positive friendly attitude at all times towards Patrons attending your Event, in particular at the points of entry where first impressions count.

We can arrange the supply of barriers, notices or any other Event Security equipment required to benefit your particular Event.

Most Venues/Events will begin to have problems and a bad reputation when they hire Security firms

who are only too happy to supply inexperienced and poorly trained aggressive Doorman.

The duty of Our Doorstaff is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone behaves.

Our goal is to see that everyone has a good time.

Our Doorstaff are Personable, Friendly, and are able to talk to people without appearing threatening or intimidating.

We are there not only to maintain Security but also to assist Patrons where possible.

We will keep all Fire exits and Walkways clear at all times.

The mere presence of a well-trained Door Supervisor will remind the Patron that their conduct is being scrutinised.

Events are about providing Hospitality where people can go to have a Dance, Drink, Relax, Unwind, Socialise , have a good time and Feel Safe.

Our Event Security Doorstaff will “manage” the Patrons inside your Venue and make sure that no one becomes overly

aggressive and spoils the mood.

Our Event Security Doorstaff will wake up anyone sleeping inside your Venue.
Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anyone Dealing or taking drugs will be handed over to the Police and/or ejected.
Our Event Security Doorstaff will evenly and fairly enforce the Rules.