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Do you pay for parking space you cannot use? We can arrange for the immediate deployment of SIA Wheelclampers.

Wheel clamping is an excellent deterrent to unauthorised parking and is quite legal, provided a notice is displayed prominently, stating that unauthorised parked vehicles will be clamped and a release fee charged.

All Operatives are SIA Licensed for vehicle immobilisation.

An irate motorist who's car has been clamped can become very abusive or at the very worst, violent.

No one wants to expose staff to such risks.

That's when One Nation Security Services Agency come in.

You decide who are the unauthorised users of your car park.

We provide windscreen stickers and large visible warnings to Government Regulations.

The SIA Registered Wheel Clamper will clamp any unauthorised users of your private car park.

The windscreen sticker has the telephone number of the SIA Registered Clamper/Company who the motorist telephones and then the SIA Registered Clamper then returns to the motorist and receives payment for the release fee.

On receipt of this fee, the operative removes the clamp and ensures that the offender removes their vehicle promptly.

In certain cases they will remove your vehicle and bring it to a Secure Compound and await your call.



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